The importance of Posture in pain free well-being

Working towards good posture is a daily life-long practice that will reap many rewards, including becoming pain free.  During Private Health Coaching sessions a full postural analysis is done.   I then teach my clients to isolate and engage specific muscles in order to release the over-used, tired muscles.  This leads to a gradual un-locking of the body and better oxygen intake, reduced strain on the back, neck, shoulder and heart muscles and greater clarity of the mind. 

" I had been living with significant chronic neck/shoulder pain for about a decade. Despite multiple treatments from physio, chiropractic, osteopathy and several massage therapists I was still struggling with daily headaches, fatigue, limitations in my physical abilities and a diminished quality of life. This has changed from the services and exemplary treatment from Jo Tudor. Her expertise in body work provided a customized treatment plan which included a lifestyle and movement analysis that has targeted and treated my body. I have found her instruction in Essentrics and posture remediation invaluable and life changing. The individual sessions have been an excellent investment in recovering my physical health."

S.P., Registered Nurse, Burlington

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