Optimal Nutrition leads to Achieving Your Optimal Health and Weight

When a person’s goal is achieving optimal health and weight, I begin by having them keep a food journal for a few days and we go over this together.  Often there are foods which are not promoting the client’s weight and health goals which can be reduced or eliminated.  Other foods that support health and vitality are introduced to the diet.  I focus on teaching the importance of cleansing the cells, bowels, liver and lymph daily through natural foods and purified water.  I may suggest high quality food supplements to support cellular health and optimal vitamin-mineral intake.   Essentrics®, a fluid, healing form of exercise is taught and recommended as a daily practice to increase lean muscle mass, strength, balance and detoxification of the body.

"Not only did Jo solve my problem with frozen shoulder, she has advised and guided me to a better lifestyle that has altered my diet and resulted in the loss of weight for which I am very grateful. Recommended exercise too has played an important part in my general health. Her counsel is always well-informed and professional. ”

B.B., Toronto

"From your teaching, I have learned that I have choices in what I do with my daily intake of energy. I understand that I can choose to energize and vitalize myself with what I put into my body or make it very hard for it to function. I have also learned that I can add to it’s deterioration or enhance its longevity and energy. For all of this learning and your dedication, I am truly thankful to you."

T. L. - Toronto

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