Deep Restful Sleep

 "When a sleep test showed that I had severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) with significant oxygen desaturations, I was scheduled for a CPAP machine fitting.  So, I contacted Jo -Anne for my regular massage therapy session and for help to deal with my severe OSA.  My first Health Coaching Session was on a Friday and I had only 4 days before my next appointment at the sleep lab.

Jo-Anne taught me during my first health coaching session how to sleep on my sides; to do yoga breathing exercises to enhance the lung function;  what to avoid and what to eat instead in order to reduce inflammation of my sinus.  Jo-Anne also introduced me to the use of natural oils, vitamins, minerals and meditation.  The following morning I woke up for the first time in my life rested before 6 am with my eyes wide open and since then, I continue with the treatment.

After only 4 days of treatment, the second sleep test ruled that I did not need to use the CPAP machine because I did not have OSA anymore.  Now after 3 months I have gained muscle tone, I don’t hold my breathing and I am a more optimistic person.

I strongly recommend Jo-Anne’s Tudor Health Coaching services and Massage Therapy sessions.  Without her health coaching I wouldn’t have succeeded to beat my severe OSA.  I continue with Jo-Anne’s Health Coaching on a regular basis to deal with my other health issues."

Ex severe OSA sufferer from Vaughan, ON

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